Strike: The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Told

Chris Higgins
YouTube / The New York Times
YouTube / The New York Times / YouTube / The New York Times

I spent a summer in a local bowling league, hitting the bowling alley every Wednesday night. Let's just say I do not have a gift for bowling, but I do have a way with a pitcher of cheap beer. But I would look at the other bowlers and marvel at how dedicated some of them were—they had cool gear, some had a real sense of bowling style, and most of all they knocked down a lot of pins.

In this 12-minute film from Joey Daoud, we learn the story of Bill Fong, a Texan whose life is dedicated to bowling. I love stories of talent and dedication, and this is a brilliant one. It's a terrific look into the life of a high-rolling bowler. Enjoy:

As you'll see in the film, this was based on an article in D Magazine by Michael J. Mooney. It's well worth a read!