Possible Scenarios for Earth's Destruction


It would take a lot to destroy the planet we all call home—specifically, the equivalent to the solar energy the whole Earth has received over 40 million years. Can anything pack that kind of punch? In this video from PBS Space Time, host Gabe Perez-Giz looks at some of the different possibilities of things that could deliver that much energy at once and literally destroy the structure of our planet.

Nukes (you'd need over one quadrillion of the strongest nuclear bomb ever created) and asteroids (even the biggest known asteroid carries only half a percent of the required energy) are considered and ruled out before Perez-Giz moves on to some of the more "likely"—we're talking about billions of years from now—scenarios, which include getting almost inevitably fried inside the expanding sun. Watch the video above for more detailed explanations of all these doomsday possibilities.

[h/t LaughingSquid]