Jenna Fischer Reveals Which Actor Was Most Like Their The Office Character

Natalie Zamora
Cast members of The Office after winning an Emmy for "Outstanding Comedy Series" in 2006
Cast members of The Office after winning an Emmy for "Outstanding Comedy Series" in 2006 / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Even the most hardcore The Office fans might have a hard time picking their favorite character. From Michael Scott's awkward moments and “That's what she said” jokes to Dwight Schrute's strange interests and hobbies, each Dunder Mifflin employee has their own unique quirks and charms. But have you ever thought about which actor behind the beloved cast is most like the character they portrayed?

One curious fan did, and took to Twitter to call upon Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, for answers. The user tagged the actress and asked, “My fiancé and I absolutely love [The] Office, and we were wondering which actor or actress is most like their character?”

Fischer was quick to reply, “Creed :).”

Considering that Creed Bratton, who is played by actor Creed Bratton, is arguably the strangest character on The Office, this answer is all the more fascinating. Creed is known for his bizarre moments, including fleeing the scene when Michael said there had been a murder, secretly living in the office for a period of time, and hinting that Creed Bratton may not be his name at all.

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