If you've ever wanted text to a celebrity now might be your chance. David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper on the hit series Stranger Things, just gave out his phone number in an effort to combat any loneliness and boredom his fans may be facing over the current measures being taken to quell the spread of coronavirus, according to Dread Central.

Harbour took to Instagram to announce his plan, writing, “Text me (please not just ‘I love Stranger Things’ but with info about yourself. Where are you? What do you do? Instagram handle? How’s money and work in this time? How’s family? Anything else you feel like might be interesting for me to know about you during all this?)”

His phone number is 1-917-540-5294. But he warned fans that due to the sheer amount of texts he was sure to get, he might not get the chance to reply to everyone, and he apologized in advance.

Harbour then added that even if he didn't get around to texting people, he plans on trying to create a database of his fans to make it easier to connect with them in the future.

The actor concluded by saying, “If I am completely overwhelmed by this and it is a disaster I will keep you posted.”

[h/t Dread Central]