Good news for fans of The Office: Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein, who served as executive producers on the beloved comedy, are embarking on a new endeavor. They're creating a brand-new series that was inspired by the remote working conditions many are facing right now due to the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

According to Deadline, the upcoming project, "is set around a wunderkind boss who, in an effort to ensure his staff’s connectedness and productivity, asks them all to virtually interact and work face-to-face all day.” As for the creators, they're just as excited as their fans.

“So many of us are jumping on daily Zoom meetings—for work and beyond,” Silverman told Deadline. “We are in a new normal and are personally navigating ways to remain connected and productive at work and in our home lives. With the brilliant Paul Lieberstein at the helm, we think we have a series that not only brings humor and comfort during this troubling time, but will also be an inventive and enduring workplace comedy for years to come.”

So far, the proposed series doesn't have a title or a premiere date, but it does have Lieberstein—who The Office fans know best as HR manager Toby Flenderson, Michael Scott's nemesis and Dunder Mifflin's resident thief of joy.

"Start with the office comedy, lose the office, and you’re just left with comedy," Lieberstein said of the new project. "The math works."

[h/t Deadline]