Faced With a VCR, Kids are Confused and Disappointed


"Is it a radio? An alarm clock?"

No, it's a VCR. And if you're reading this article at your desk at work, that's probably not a foreign concept. It wasn't all that long ago that VCRs and VHS tapes were the only way to watch something not on television right that minute, and if you're over the age of 20, they were likely a staple of your childhood. But for kids age 6 to 12—like those in the latest installment of "Kids React" from The Fine Bros.—it's either a total mystery or something they only know from an '80s theme party.

After they get the thing to work, the kids are not all that impressed with the quality. "It doesn't have HD like the Blu-ray does." No, no it does not, kid.

Some kids say the VCR technology wouldn't be such a big downgrade from what we use today, but others aren't having it. "I wouldn't even watch anything," one kid says when faced with hypothetically having to use a VCR. "The only thing I would do is do my homework."