Archaeologists Unearthed a 250-Year-Old Pretzel

Rebecca OConnell
istock / istock

Archaeologists recently stumbled across the burnt remains of a very old pretzel during an excavation of what might have once been a bakery in Bavaria, Germany—the oldest one ever discovered.

The charred snack was accompanied by a croissant and a bread roll. Germans have been enjoying pretzels since 610 A.D., but these overdone goods are estimated to be about 250 years old. The archaeologists believe the food is in such good shape because it's entirely carbonized—meaning it was probably more than a little black around the edges; they believe the baker threw the food down a hole under the bakery, where it stayed until it was discovered. 

"As far I know these are the world's oldest pretzels, although we know from 12th century miniature pictures and from a pretzel-shaped fibula that these dough products were baked since the early Middle Age," Silvia Codreanu-Windauer, of the Bavarian State Department of Monuments and Sites, told Discovery News.

The excavation site previously yielded other interesting artifacts, including a 1200-year-old wooden house.