The Reason Some Fans Think Season 4 of Stranger Things Could be Set in the 1990s

Netflix / Netflix

Stranger Things has a very particular aesthetic, and fans of the sci-fi drama series know it well. The small town of Hawkins, Indiana, has always been packed with all the colorful clothes, stylized technology, big hair, and other '80s vibes that drew fans to the show in the first place.

Small town America is a pretty typical setting, but the actual history of the '80s has contributed a lot to the storylines in the show. At the time, Americans were very concerned about communism due to the enduring Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, which came into play heavily in the third season.

With the production of Stranger Things season 4 on hold due to coronavirus safety concerns, fans are speculating how the delay could change the setting of the series. Many of the actors in the cast play young characters—and if the delay runs long, it's likely the stars are going to look older than they should. To combat this potential problem, some fans think a time jump forward to the 1990s is in order.

Season 3 took place in 1985, so the jump would only be five years or so. While that could be interesting, viewers would also miss a lot of the characters' lives. Responding to a poll on Express, fans were asked the question: "Should Stranger Things time jump to the '90s?" The results were quite divided, with around 200 participants yearning to see the kids grown up, while around 250 would rather keep the '80s theme and setting.