Keep Your Kids Engaged With Smarty Pants Flash Cards From Melissa & Doug and Mental Floss

Melissa & Doug/Amazon
Melissa & Doug/Amazon / Melissa & Doug/Amazon
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It's not enough to just keep a child occupied while they're stuck at home during the quarantine—you want to make sure their minds are actively engaged in something exciting and educational, too. And with the Smarty Pants line of flash cards, which our co-founders Will and Mangesh developed with the Melissa & Doug toy company, your child will always be learning something new and having fun while doing it.

You can find the Smarty Pants cards both at Melissa & Doug and at Amazon, and there are versions suited for kids in preschool ($11), kindergarten ($13), first grade ($12), second grade ($25), and third grade ($13). Each set was created with the input of teachers and educators, and every 120-card pack is full of activities like puzzles, bits of trivia, math problems, and tongue twisters that are tailored for each age group. After the kindergartner set, each pack is also designed so children can play alone or with a friend or parent.

Melissa & Doug/Amazon

The Smarty Pants line debuted back in 2013, and it was Mental Floss’s first collaboration with the Melissa & Doug toy company. Melissa and Doug Bernstein are the duo behind their namesake company, and they’ve been designing toys aimed at fostering creativity and curiosity for more than 30 years.

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