In need of the perfect meal to whip up while getting ready for another binge-session of The Office? Thanks to The Dunder Mifflin Recipe Book ($13) by Susan Gray, you can relive your favorite episodes while making meals based on some of the show's most memorable food moments.

In this book, you'll get recipes for Angela's to-die-for brownies, Michael's potato salad (before it went bad), Jan's osso buco (just remember that it takes a while to cook, so plan accordingly), and, of course, Kevin's famous chili (served in a bowl, not on the carpet).

There are 30 recipes total in the book, all of which are inspired by a joke or moment from the show. There's plenty of variety to be found here, too, so whether you want to cook a whole dinner with a little Scranton flair, or simply bake up one of Stanley's favorite pretzels, there will be a dish tailored to your specific cravings.


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