We’re Hosting Live Trivia on YouTube This Friday—Come Join!

Ellen Gutoskey
It's about as close to pub trivia as you can get.
It's about as close to pub trivia as you can get. / Mental Floss, YouTube

It’s probably been weeks since you and your friends have wowed the competition with your extensive knowledge of obscure pop culture details and historical facts, so we’re here to fill the void with our own cheeky spin on pub trivia: Tub Trivia, hosted live on our YouTube channel by Mental Floss video host (and pub trivia champion) Justin Dodd.

Join us this Friday, April 24, at 7 p.m. EST for an electrifying session of trivia broadcast straight from Justin’s dry, teal-tiled bathtub. We’re keeping the categories a secret until the cameras are rolling, but we will tell you that there are 25 questions in total, and the event will last about half an hour.

If you’re logged into your YouTube account, you can set a reminder for the event here. We hope to see you (or rather, your username) there!