12 Cozy Pieces of Loungewear Perfect for Working From Home

Cotopaxi/Amazon / Cotopaxi/Amazon
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About one week into self-quarantining, I asked myself a disturbing question: How often should I be washing my pajamas? The pajamas that I was, at that point, wearing basically around the clock?

You can imagine how horrified I was to discover that some experts recommend washing your pajamas every three to four wears. And that’s just when you’re wearing them to bed, not when they’re your new work uniform.

I placed a panic order for additional pajamas, and also started looking around for new loungewear that would allow me to work comfortably from my couch without looking like a total slob in Zoom meetings. Here are a few suggestions in case you, too, have found yourself in this situation recently.

1. Amazon Essentials Lounge Pants; $9–$25


These cozy joggers are super soft—the women’s are made of terry, and the men’s of fleece—come in a number of colors, and, even better, they’re affordable, so you can buy a few pairs to keep the comfort going all week long.

Buy it: Amazon (women's, men’s)

2. Tracksmith Crew; $82-$88


These comfy crews do double duty: They’re smart-looking sweatshirts for all your Zoom calls but also serve as a layer for morning runs (if that’s your thing). I can’t get enough of the women’s Union Crew—which is made of a breathable recycled cotton and Tencel blend and has a dropped shoulder and dolman sleeves for a looser fit. The men’s Hare Crew is made of a cotton-polyester blend that doesn’t pill. Tracksmith’s running tights (women’s, men’s) are also comfortable enough to wear on your couch, and their merino wool Harrier long-sleeve top (men’s, women’s) has both anti-microbial and odor-resistant features, perfect for those who can’t currently make trips to the laundromat. (Tracksmith reports that sales of that shirt are up 122 percent!)

Buy it: Tracksmith (women’s, men’s)

3. Amazon Essentials Terry Shorts; $13–$14


It might be too hot for pants where you are; if that’s the case, consider these terry shorts from Amazon, which go from the couch to an at-home workout and back with ease.

Buy it: Amazon (men’s, women’s)

4. Icebreaker Tabi RealFLEECE Long Cardigan; $150


This sweater—which is 88 percent merino wool—is basically a chic robe that you can also wear as a light jacket out in the real world. One reviewer calls it “supremely cozy, yet structured and elegant,” with “nothing scratchy inside, just a dense, almost terry-like layer of airy warmth.” That’s thanks to RealFLEECE, a fine merino wool reinforced with a nylon core to ensure durability.

Buy it: Icebreaker

5. prAna Natassa Crinkled Tunic; $40


This Tencel modal tunic, which comes in three colors, is chic and designed to be crinkly—so if it’s a little extra wrinkly from time spent on your couch, no one will notice!

Buy it: Amazon

6. Cotopaxi DO GOOD Sweatshirt; $65


Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, this sweatshirt, which comes in green and black, isn’t just cozy—it has a message we can get behind. Plus, this is a purchase that gives back: Cotopaxi puts 1 percent of its annual revenues toward the Cotopaxi Foundation.

Buy it: Cotopaxi (women’s, men’s)

7. Mack Weldon Sunday Lounge Pants; $68

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon says that these cotton flannel pants are “built for Sundays around the house,” but they look so much like actual pants that you could easily wear them outside and no one would be the wiser.

Buy it: Mack Weldon

8. Carve Designs Avery Beach Pants; $64


Mental Floss staff editor Kerry Wolfe has these pants and loves them. “They’re lightweight and comfortable, so they're great for lounging on the couch or wearing during a virtual yoga or dance class,” she says. “Plus, they're cute enough to wear in public without making me feel like I've stepped out in pajamas.”

Buy it: REI

9. Glerups BR Slipper; $76–$141


When you’re getting cozy while quarantining, don’t forget your feet! These unisex wool slippers will conform to the sole of your foot for the perfect fit. They come in a variety of colors and have a rubber sole so you can wear them outside if necessary. There’s also a version without a rubber sole for in-house use only.

Buy it: Amazon

10. HOKA ONE ONE Recovery Slide; $50


If you’re running more often these days, you might want to consider picking up a pair of these recovery slides for lounging around the house. Made with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), they’re lightweight and super cushy—a.k.a. perfect for tired feet. Reviewers say they’re great for plantar fasciitis; according to one, “I have had these things for 3 days and I can't even express to you the difference they have made. My Plantar Fasciitis has been extra obnoxious lately and I can tell you that these absorb everything.”


11. Out of Print Library Stamp Shirt; $20–$32


If you, like us, are missing your local library, bring those just-checked-out-a-book vibes home with this cotton-polyester blend shirt from Out of Print.

Buy it: Amazon (men’s, women’s)

12. Amazon Essentials Short Sleeve Polo; $7–$15


For those meetings when a collared shirt is necessary, you can look put together while still keeping it comfortable in these polo shirts from Amazon.

Buy it: Amazon (men’s, women’s)

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