Upgrade Your Guess Who? Game With Characters From Shows Like Friends, Golden Girls, and The Office

SnarkyGames, Etsy
SnarkyGames, Etsy / SnarkyGames, Etsy
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If you think you can identify your favorite pop culture character just from a vague description, it's time to put your fandom to the test. As People reports, you can now retrofit a game of Guess Who? with characters from Friends, The Office, and other shows you love to binge.

This unique spin on the classic board game comes from the Etsy shop SnarkyGames, which sells card packs that fit right into the standard Guess Who? slots. The Office collection, for example, includes series regulars like Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Michael—but, there's another pack just for side characters like Chair Model and Broccoli Rob. A few of Michael's alter egos, like Michael Scarn and Prison Mike, even made the cut as well. (SnarkyGames also has an expansion pack exclusively of Michael Scott and Dwight characters.)

Friends, Golden Girls, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, and Schitt's Creek all have their own card collections, too. If you prefer to play with real people, SnarkyGames also makes card packs based on reality shows like Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules.

Unlike the original game of Guess Who?, which is based on the characters' appearances, these versions allow players to get more creative. While playing Seinfeld Guess Who?, you might ask, "Is your character a comedian? Are they a bad dancer? Have they ever dropped a Junior Mint into a surgery patient?"

Each expansion pack from the Etsy shop costs $39 with free shipping. After ordering yours, head to Amazon to check out other TV-themed games, like Office and Friends trivia, a Seinfeld Festivus board game, and Golden Girls-themed Clue.

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