HBO Max Confirms Premiere Date—and That All Seasons of Friends Will Be Streaming

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As we're all settling into the groove of our new quarantine schedules, streaming services seem more essential than ever. The challenging part, however, is that there's just so much content out there to choose from, that at the end of the day all we really want to do is re-binge Friends for the 100th time. Since the beloved series left Netflix earlier this year, fans have been getting creative in their methods of watching, even dropping an unnecessary amount of cash to buy seasons and episodes. Well, everyone, good news is here.

Although the planned Friends reunion special will not be available when HBO Max debuts, as COVID-19 safety concerns have led to a delay in filming, all 10 seasons of the beloved NBC sitcom will be available for streaming on May 27, which has officially been confirmed as the new streaming service's premiere date.

In addition to Friends, HBO Max will also have a library full of iconic series, including South Park, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and The West Wing, along with new titles like the unscripted series Legendary and Craftopia.

A collection of movies will also be included, including recent titles like Joker entering the mix. In the coming year, the streaming service will debut many original shows and will continue to add to its already stacked roster of titles. Take a look at the new teaser below to see all the amazing shows coming.