Win a Custom Road-Tripping Van While Donating to Conserve America’s Climbing Landscapes

Whoever wins the van from Omaze can customize it to suit their tastes.
Whoever wins the van from Omaze can customize it to suit their tastes. / Vansmith/Omaze
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If you’ve ever dreamed of hopping in a car, van, or motorcycle and just traveling the open road in search of nature and adventure, you’re not alone. It’s a temptation that has inspired works by authors like Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck, along with countless movies from Easy Rider to Dumb & Dumber. Now, you can live out your own road-tripping tale with this chance to win a Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Sprinter Van, thanks to Omaze.

Along with the base van, winners will also receive up to $80,000 worth of customizations from Vansmith, so you can tailor your new four-wheeled getaway vehicle for short trips, long odysseys, or permanent residency, if you’re into the whole vandweller lifestyle. (You can see some of Vansmith's recent customizations here, which include beds, tiny kitchens, and more.) The winner has a choice of having the van sent directly to them or be flown to Boulder, Colorado, to pick it up from Vansmith so they can start their road trip right away.

It’s free to enter once, but if you want to increase your chances, you can donate $10 for 20 entries, $25 for 125, $50 for 500, $100 for 1200, or $150 for 2000. All the proceeds go directly to the Honnold Foundation, an organization encouraging the use of solar energy to create a fairer world.

All told, the approximate retail value of the package is $142,000 (Omaze takes care of the taxes), and if you’re looking to enter, you’ve got until November 6, with the winner being announced on or around November 24. Try your luck by entering here.

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