The Office Creator Greg Daniels Says a Reunion Show Is Unlikely to Happen In the Near Future

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Ever since The Office aired its series finale in 2013, fans have had their fingers crossed for a revival or, at the very least, a reunion of sorts for the beloved sitcom. But Greg Daniels, who adapted the series for American television, says you shouldn't hold your breath.

"I loved doing The Office more than anything. And if we were going to revisit it, I would want to do it," Daniels said on The Hollywood Reporter's podcast, TV's Top 5. However, he admits the cast's wildly successful post-The Office careers would make it tough to even begin to schedule something—if everyone was willing to come back in the first place.

"I think people were assuming that an Office reboot would [involve] ... getting the entire cast back together and just continuing where we left off," Daniels said. "We're probably not going to get every single character back, they're all doing all these cool things." Plus, added Daniels: "I don't think people's expectations of getting back in the saddle and doing more episodes of the same show was going to be realistic."

Of course, a reunion would be nothing without key cast members such as Steve Carell (Michael Scott) and John Krasinski (Jim Halpert), so ultimately a lot of the power would probably be in their hands—and Carell has already said that he doesn't think a revival would work.

But when it comes to Daniels's opinion on the matter, he's pretty much in. "At some point, maybe, it's unfair to be a priss and not give them what they want," Daniels said. Only time will tell.

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]