See Doctor Strange Wearing Iron Man's Armor in a Deleted Scene from Avengers: Infinity War

Benedict Wong and Benedict Cumberbatch in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).
Benedict Wong and Benedict Cumberbatch in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). / Marvel Studios

As far as Marvel movies go, Avengers: Infinity War was a convergence of epic proportions. Any fan knows that there is usually a ton of fun Easter eggs to look for and fascinating behind-the-scenes facts to know about the superhero films. In trying to keep a balance between the action and the storytelling of the films, there is usually a fair number of scenes that don't make it into the final movie.

For example, there's this deleted scene from Captain Marvel that came with the Blu-ray release of the film, and an adorable Robert Downey Jr. reference in Infinity War. As reported by Digital Spy, Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely recently did a "Quarantine Watch Party" of the film on's Twitter account, during which they shared a few tidbits about the making of the lead-up to Endgame.

Markus and McFeely revealed an alternate ending to the sequence when Tony and Peter Parker must rescue Doctor Strange from Ebony Maw's ship. The tweet shows a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch wearing some of Iron Man's armor on set.

Marvel fans will know that Doctor Strange never wore Iron Man's suit to escape torture in Infinity War, but that he was instead rescued by the combined efforts of Tony and Peter. In the scene, Tony blows a hole in the side of the ship to suck Ebony Maw into space, then uses his nanobot technology to fix the ship while Peter rescues Strange with his newly tricked-out Spider-man suit.

"So, there were other versions of this rescue. Some were just too awesome (and long) to keep. But still, one can dream ...," McFeely tweeted along with the picture as part of the watch-along. Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo replied on their shared Twitter account, saying, "Best one made the movie ... I think ..."

While the sequence that was ultimately used in the movie is certainly a heart-pounding moment, it is interesting to see what might have been.

[h/t Digital Spy]