A Fan of The Office Just Put Michael Scott's Face on Your Favorite Dunder Mifflin Employees

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NBCUniversal, Inc. / NBCUniversal, Inc.

From the iconic cold opens to the silly moments between the Dunder Mifflin crew, fans of The Office are known to go back and regularly re-watch every season of the beloved sitcom. And now, thanks to one dedicated fan, we're able to look at one of the series's many hilarious scenes in a totally new light.

Instagram user @DeepInstaFake took to Instagram to share a clip from the season 7 episode, "WUPHF.com," in which the office can't remember the password to the server after they lose power. Michael suggests "password," Dwight says they should try "000000," and Pam notes that The Lord of the Rings was popular when the server was set up, so maybe the password has something to do with Hobbits. Eventually, they figure out the password is actually "bigboobz," because, of course. It's a memorable scene for many, but thanks to this alarming new edit, we're sure no one will ever forget it now.

As seen in the video above, the Instagram user changed all of the faces to Michael Scott's, meaning Jim, Andy, Dwight, and yes, even Pamalong with everyone else in the office—now have their boss' face. Check it out and try not to be disturbed.

@DeepInstaFake has a handful of other amazingly strange edits that you just won't be able to look away from, including more from The Office. Visit his page to see all of them here.