Marvel at These Gorgeous Chemical Reactions

Rebecca OConnell

It's no secret that chemical reactions can be mind-bendingly beautiful. showcases this unique beauty with a series of videos portraying different kinds of reactions. There are nine categories: metal displacement, precipitation, chemical garden, crystallization, color change, bubbling, dancing fluorescent droplets, and smoke. The close-up timelapses truly capture the alien-like artistry of chemistry.

Institute of Advanced Technology at the University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University Press are responsible for Beautiful Chemistry. The program aims to show how wonderful science can be and garner more public interest in the subject. They offer extended videos of each category on their Vimeo page.

These videos took a lot of hard work and research—not all chemical reactions are photogenic. “We did many experiments and discarded those that couldn’t meet our standard of beauty,” Yan Liang, one of the creators, told Slate.