Fans of The Office Created an Epic Dunder Mifflin-Themed Bathroom

The Dunder Mifflin gang gathers in the conference room on The Office.
The Dunder Mifflin gang gathers in the conference room on The Office. / NBCUniversal Media, LLC

The Office has one of the most dedicated fandoms out there, but one couple just took things to the next level. As reported by Insider, Connecticut couple Ashley Williams and Doug Nixon recently revamped their bathroom—and decked it out entirely in Dunder Mifflin-themed decor.

The couple showed off their new bathroom in a video posted to TikTok, and it definitely deserves its very own Dundie Award. The two swapped out their shower curtain for one inspired by the show, hung all of the most iconic quotes from the best characters on the wall, and creatively incorporated a "DooDoo Mifflin" sign into the mix.

You can see The Office-themed makeover for yourself in the TikTok here.

The couple spoke to Insider to reveal what exactly inspired the quirky transformation. According to the pair, they've been fans of The Office for years. "I've been a fan of The Office since high school," Williams said, and she got her hubby into the show when they were in college. "If you don't watch it, you definitely should," she raved. "You're missing out."

When it came to the remodel, the pair knew they wanted to be creative. "Why not make your house as fun as possible and enjoy it as much as you can?" Williams added.

Interested in transforming a room of your own into a Scranton-themed extravaganza? While the couple created some of the signs themselves, much of the decor was purchased from Etsy and BoxLunch. What's even more impressive is that the two said they spent less than $300 on the renovation, making it a fun—and affordable—transformation for other fans of the beloved comedy who are looking to revamp their space.

[h/t Insider]