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It’s difficult to imagine learning a new skill while also continuing to pay off student loans every month, but it's a lot more appealing (and feasible) when learning that new skill costs less than $40. The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle is offering six courses to help you get ahead in your current career, get you started in a new one, or simply improve managing your life at home.

Sitting down to evaluate your personal finances doesn’t need to be a head-scratcher. With simple formulas and some formatting knowledge, even your own amateur softball league batting average can be automated into a dynamic tool to filter, display, and analyze with the help of the Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions course.

For the visual learner, there’s the Data Visualization, Charts & Graphs course. Imagine, being able to build a graph that highlights your success at work with cold, hard numbers when you're ready to ask for a promotion. The data modeling and business tools will teach the fundamentals of database design and normalization through the hands-on example of a fictional supermarket chain in Power Query (sounds more fun than learning spreadsheets and data analysis should be).

Data doesn’t have to feel like reading a foreign language. The courses make learning easy by using real-world case studies about San Diego burrito ratings and shark attack records, which also sounds like a recipe for success come trivia night.

Over 60,000 have enrolled in The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle’s 447 lessons across the six included courses. The bundle is currently discounted at $33.99, and with the skills you'll learn, you can use real data to see the true positive impact Excel knowledge can have on your income and performance in any area of your life.

The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle - $33.99

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