Breaking Up: Blooper Reel Shows the Cast of Breaking Bad Goofing Off on Set


With episodes involving drugs, murder, and toxic family dynamics, Breaking Bad doesn't have a reputation for being a feel-good show. That's not to say that the cast that brought those damaged characters to life didn't have fun behind the scenes.

The video below shows highlights from the blooper reel of Breaking Bad seasons 1 through 5. Before Bryan Cranston was cast as the series's lead, he was known for his work on sitcoms like Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle. Cranston may be forever associated with the ruthless meth dealer Walter White, but his comedic side comes out when he cracks jokes on set. His costars Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks, and Anna Gunn did plenty of goofing off of their own, according to the outtakes.

If you feel emotionally drained after binge-watching the show, these bloopers are the perfect palate cleanser. It may also comfort you to know that the actors struggled with difficult scenes as much as the viewers did, and that the iconic blue meth was actually rock candy. Here are some more facts about the show every fan should know.