While Breaking Bad may have ended back in 2013, the show remains a thriving part of popular culture. Its spin-off series, Better Call Saul, recently concluded its fifth season, with a sixth and final one on the way. A sequel film, El Camino, debuted on Netflix last October.

Now, fans of the show—about a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who turns to the drug trade to support his family following his lung cancer diagnosis—can forge their own illicit path with this Breaking Bad-themed Monopoly game.

Monopoly: Breaking Bad.Hasbro/Amazon

The classic Hasbro game has been reconfigured to reflect Walter’s tortuous progression into a criminal mastermind known as Heisenberg. The houses of the original game are now labeled "tented houses" in a nod to Vamonos Pest, Walter’s pest extermination cover for his methamphetamine cooking sessions. The hotels are now "SuperLabs."

The currency bears the likenesses of Walter, his partner Jesse Pinkman, their lawyer Saul Goodman, and Walter’s son, Walter Jr. And instead of the classic Monopoly game tokens, players can now wield the iconic Heisenberg hat, Hector Salamanca’s ominous bell, a money barrel, a gas mask, that notorious pink teddy bear, or Walter and Jesse's RV.

The game has been known to sell out fast, but you can find it on Amazon for $47 and Entertainment Earth for $40.

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