The Emotional Reason Behind Lisa Kudrow's Favorite Friends Episode

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Friends will always be there for you, especially now that the entire series is on HBO MaxIf you're having a tough time deciding which episode to re-watch, Lisa Kudrow—the actress who brought Phoebe Buffay to life—has a suggestion.

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During a Reddit AMA a few years back, Kudrow revealed which episode of Friends is her favorite, and the answer might surprise you. While promoting her show The Comeback, fans asked her about everything from her degree in biology to her favorite animated series. When asked which Friends episode she loved most overall, Kudrow gave a heartfelt reply:

"The Halloween party that Sean Penn appeared in. For a lot of reasons. Number one was it was the first show we shot after 9/11. And that whole week, while driving in LA, people would pull up, and give me a very sad look, and a quiet 'thank you' for making them laugh."

In times of turmoil, laughter really can be the best medicine. If you find yourself missing the Friends gang, fear not—executives at WarnerMedia hope the iconic series' unscripted reunion special will be filmed by the end of summer.