With groundbreaking albums and movies, The Beatles have left an indelible mark on popular culture. Now, they’re being celebrated in the world of entomology. A group of citizen scientists has decided to name a newly discovered species of beetle after the group. World, meet Ptomaphagus thebeatles.

According to Discover Wildlife, the beetle was found in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark in 2019 by amateur entomologists acting under the direction of Taxon Expeditions, which organizes surveys that the general public can take part in. The urban search was intended to demonstrate that new species can be seen even in heavily populated areas. The beetle was located not far from the Amsterdam Hotel, the site where John Lennon and Yoko Ono once held a Bed-Ins for Peace rally.

The 2-millimeter-long beetle is actually the first to be named after the band. P. thebeatles can be found in the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe and in Western Asia in addition to the Netherlands.

[h/t Discover Wildlife]