The Weird Week in Review

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There Goes the Bus

When they said, “The bus is lost,” that didn’t mean the driver took a wrong turn. Heavy rains have left Brazil with massive drainage problems and flooding. On a stretch of the Trans-Amazon highway between Rurópolis and Itaituba, rushing water undercut the road’s foundation. On Tuesday, a bus was recorded as it was swallowed by the collapsing road, and was then washed away in the floodwaters. Fortunately, all the passengers got off the bus in time, and no one was injured. The story is in Portuguese with an English translation by Google.

Fish Comes with Bonus Crocodile

Ben Stack was fishing just off Cape York, Australia, and caught a Threadfin. That’s a fish. But the line went taut, and Stack thought the fish had hidden under something and got the line caught. He slowly started to pull up a heavy weight, expecting a log to come up with the fish. He even leaned over the side of the boat to get a good look.

What took place in the next few seconds felt like a lifetime. Or was it that I felt like my life only had a few seconds. First, I saw a bit of silver, then I saw my lure with the fishes mouth wide open. I lifted the leader some more and leaned over further to see what the fish was hooked up on. It was at this moment, I realised I was staring eye to eye with a solid salt water crocodile. We were face to face and no more than 20 inches apart. Fright kicked in, I released the leader and flew backwards into the boat.

It was a frightening experience for Stack, and not a good day at all for the fish. Read Stack’s full account (with pictures) at Facebook.

Texas Cow Gives Birth to Quadruplets

A veterinarian said the odds of one cow giving birth to four live calves is one in 11.2 million. Yet one of Dora Rumsey-Barling’s cows produced four tiny calves at their farm near DeKalb, Texas. The smallest of the four calves weighs only 25 pounds, while the average newborn calf weighs 75 pounds. Rumsey-Barling’s granddaughter named the four Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo. In the interest of science, the three bulls and one heifer will undergo DNA tests to ascertain that they are all from the same mother. Meanwhile, the tiny calves have been separated so that they will all receive adequate nourishment.

Intruder Left a Clue

State police investigating an attempted break-in in Clay Township, Pennsylvania, didn’t have to look hard to find an important clue. The perpetrator tried to use a credit card to jimmy a lock on a trailer, but then was heard by the homeowner, who came to check out the noise. The would-be thief fled, but left the credit card behind. Police arrested the cardholder, 41-year-old Brent Henry, on Saturday. Henry is a friend of the homeowner. Henry faces several charges including criminal trespass.

Elephants Keep Truck from Overturning

Natchitoches Parish (Louisiana) deputies were called Tuesday to an incident in which an 18-wheeler was stranded on the side of I-49. The heavy truck had pulled off the highway onto the shoulder and started to sink into the rain-softened soil. When deputies arrived, they found the truck being supported by two elephants! The elephants were the cargo being transported from Florida to Texas. Officers issued no citation, but called a wrecker for the truck, and took pictures of the elephants.

Ghost Hunters Investigate Serious Phenomena

A group of paranormal investigators went to notoriously haunted Chambercombe Manor in North Devon, UK, near midnight to search for evidence of ghosts. They got the fright of their lives when they heard loud clanging and saw sparks flying! The sounds were coming from a group of thieves who were using a chainsaw to remove evidence from a stolen trailer.

PC Walker said: "This spooked them and they thought it was set up for them. "A couple of the braver ones got closer and saw one of the thieves using a chainsaw to cut up a metal drain grill which the trailer had been padlocked to, which is what caused the sparks." But it was the thieves that got 'spooked' when the ghost hunters found them, forcing them to flee and leaving the drain cover behind. The thieves had dragged the 3.5-tonne Ifor Williams trailer through the centre of Ilfracombe, complete with heavy metal drain cover, in the middle of the night – having taken it from a yard in Watermouth Road, Hele Bay, on Saturday, February 7.

The trailer had been stolen from Hele Bay in February, and the thieves had stashed it at Chambercombe Manor because they thought no one would be there. The thieves are still at large.