Get Your Quarterly Dunder Mifflin Fix With The Office Subscription Box

The Office subscription box is here.
The Office subscription box is here. / CultureFly
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Like many great sitcoms, The Office refuses to fade quietly into the forgotten corners of popular culture. The NBC series, which ran from 2005 to 2013, remains a highly quotable examination of office life. And if binge-watching episodes featuring Jim, Pam, Dwight, Andy, Kevin, and Angela isn’t enough, now you can have a little bit of the Dunder Mifflin paper company delivered to your door.

CultureFly is offering an Office subscription box full of things fans will love. Every quarter, subscribers will get a box with apparel, accessories, collectibles, homeware, and—naturally—stationary goods. The spring 2020 Office box was released in May and served as a kind of employee orientation collection. Items included a collectible shaped like Dwight's stapler in gelatin, Pam’s art print, a Dwight Schrute vinyl figure, and a Dunder Mifflin T-shirt.

The next box ships in July, so the contents will be kept a surprise until then. Each shipment costs $39.95, and you can sign up at the CultureFly website. If you want your Dunder Mifflin collectibles delivered to you with a bit more urgency, check out these Office products you can get right now.