Grammarly's Browser Plugin Can Fix Your Typos, Detect Plagiarism, and Help You Communicate More Effectively

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Prostock-Studio/iStock via Getty Images Plus / Prostock-Studio/iStock via Getty Images Plus
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With so much of our communication being done digitally, it’s more important than ever to be able to type clearly and intelligently, especially as more classes and jobs become remote. And whether you're just sending an inside joke to a co-worker on Slack or writing a sensitive email to a colleague or professor, you need to make sure your writing is up to snuff. The good news is that digital tools like Grammarly can help.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant. In its most basic form, it’s an app that serves as a second pair of eyes, proofreading your work for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. However, it can also serve as a teacher, honing and elevating your written communication skills by providing advanced feedback on vocabulary, style, tone, and more.

For mobile devices, simply download the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS or Android. It works on top of all your other apps, ensuring that anything you write on your phone—whether it’s in Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, or iMessage—is free of embarrassing mistakes and communicates exactly what you want it to convey. For desktops, Grammarly has browser plugins for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Explorer, as well as native apps for both Windows and macOS. That means it will work on any website or application.

The Grammarly Plans

The free entry-level plan for Grammarly provides you with basic writing corrections and suggestions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. For those who want more advanced and comprehensive writing tools and feedback, there’s Grammarly Premium for Individuals. For less than $150 per year, Grammarly Premium for Individuals provides feedback on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, while also giving suggestions to fine-tune consistency in fluency, conciseness, readability, vocabulary, and sentence variety. Grammarly Premium also has a plagiarism detector, as well as a cutting-edge tone detection feature that rates your writing for confident language, politeness, formality, and inclusive language.

For people who want a single Grammarly subscription for multiple people, there’s Grammarly Premium for Business. The main feature differentiating the business subscription from the individual subscription is the style guide tool that lets you create customized style manuals for your team to ensure uniform terminology, vocabulary, and tone.

You can head over to Grammarly's website today to get more information on the plans and how they work.