Build Unique Gadgets and Learn to Code With These Monthly STEM Projects

Creation Crate
Creation Crate / Creation Crate
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A good hobby can help clear your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and spark creativity. And if you or someone you love is into science and technology, you won’t find a more productive hobby than these DIY Arduino projects from Creation Crate.

Creation Crate bills itself as a “tech education in a box.” Basically, it's a monthly subscription box service, but instead of sending you a bunch of cosmetic products or miscellaneous collectibles you don’t really need, they send you an Arduino project kit that teaches you coding and electronics. (Arduino is the open-source combination of hardware and software that the projects are built on.)

Over the last 15 years, as computers and technology have become intertwined with every aspect of our daily lives, STEM education has become a major component in curricula all across America, even as early as kindergarten in some school districts. The reason for this is not just because we want to prepare kids for the jobs of the future—coding and engineering have been shown to instill a number of valuable life skills and educational habits, including problem solving and creativity.

Creation Crate is built on these values. Their Arduino hobby kits teach electronics and coding literacy in a fun and engaging way that provides a foundational understanding of how it all works

Who Is Creation Crate For?

Creation Crate is designed for STEM enthusiasts of all ages. Though they officially recommend their Arduino projects for anyone 12 and up, kids under 12 should be able to work on some of the projects with the help of their parents. Creation Crate is aimed at parents who want to share fun and meaningful experiences with their kids, college students looking to apply their knowledge, adults looking to learn something new, and even retirees who want to become tech literate.

What You Get

When you subscribe, Creation Crate will send you a new project every month that involves building hardware and programming software using the Arduino platform. Each project is slightly harder than the last, so you can build on skills you’ve already learned. And everything you need comes in the box, including an Uno R3 Arduino board, written instructions, and a password that gives you access to Creation Crate’s online tutorials.

Creation Crate’s core curriculum consists of 12 unique Arduino projects that teach you the basics of coding and electronics. The projects include a color-changing mood lamp, a memory game, an LED dice game, an optical theremin that lets you create music by waving your hands, and more.

Subscription Options

Creation Crate gives you four different subscription options.

With the basic $30 Creation Crate monthly subscription, you will receive a new kit every month and be billed when it ships (you can also cancel at any time). If you choose the $90 Creation Crate quarterly subscription, you will receive three kits at once, which are shipped and billed every three months. This plan comes with a component case to help you keep all your parts organized as a free bonus gift.

If three kits at a time aren't enough for you, there’s the $180 Creation Crate semi-annual subscription. With this one, you will receive six kits at once, shipped and billed every six months. It comes with the component case plus a digital multimeter, a tool that measures voltage, current, and resistance.

Then there’s the $360 Creation Crate annual subscription. With this one, you will receive all 12 projects at once, so you can work on them at your own pace. In addition to the other two bonus gifts, the Annual Subscription also comes with an upgraded extra-large component case and a soldering kit.

So if you’re looking for a hobby that can help you or a loved one learn the basics of coding, click here to check out Creation Crate today.