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10 Back to the Future Products

Mark Mancini
Amazon/Entertainment Earth
Amazon/Entertainment Earth / Amazon/Entertainment Earth
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Great Scott! The original Back to the Future rocked the box office (and made a big impression on then-president Ronald Reagan) when it debuted in theaters on July 3, 1985. More than 35 years later, audiences still can’t get enough of the science-fiction comedy—or its stellar sequels. If you know someone who loves these movies, we’ve got 10 can’t-miss gifts lined up for you. So climb into the DeLorean and let’s take a look.

1. Flux Capacitor Wristwatch; $100


Like Doc Brown’s DeLorean, this nerd-tastic watch is a stainless-steel beauty. Press the bottom button and the LED lights inside its tiny flux capacitor replica will convey the current time in a series of flashes. And when the urge to time travel arises, you can hit the next button up to get a randomly generated date—from the deep past or distant future—on the watch’s stylish readout meter. Happy trails.

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2. Hoverboard T-Shirt; $23-$27

Hot Topic

Sadly, the year 2015 came and went without giving us the stylish hoverboards we were promised in Back to the Future Part II. At least we can rock this wearable hoverboard merch, courtesy of Hot Topic. Your move, Griff.

Buy it: Hot Topic

3. Outatime License Plate Cushion; $20

Entertainment Earth

Today, the vanity plate on Doc Brown’s DeLorean would cost him hundreds of dollars to register and renew. But die-hard BTTF fans can get a rectangular pillow that looks just like it for a fraction of the price.

Buy it: Entertainment Earth

4. Save the Clock Tower T-Shirt, $23-$27

Hot Topic

Another day, another great T-shirt. Marty might have been trapped in the '50s if not for Hill Valley’s iconic clock tower, so, yeah, the landmark is definitely worth saving. Here’s a wearable version of the preservation society flyer used in the original movie.

Buy it: Hot Topic

5. Doc and Marty Crew Socks; $14

Odd Sox/Amazon

Hey, Marty! Know what’s not “heavy"? These novelty socks, which are made of lightweight combed cotton and showcase Hollywood’s favorite time travelers. Vibrant and comfy, these socks are a definite conversation starter.

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6. Marty McFly Hat Replica; $29


Even by faux future standards, Marty’s color-changing baseball cap really stood out, and now, Diamond Select Toys has lovingly recreated this “2015” fashion staple. In fact, they’ve one-upped it; while Marty wore a fitted cap on screen, the Diamond Select version is adjustable (one size fits most). Made with ultra-reflective fabrics, it changes colors when lit.

Buy it: Toynk

7. Doc Brown Funko with Helmet; $17


Back in the '50s, Doc Brown experimented with mind reading—and he looked great doing it! Funko’s immortalized this iconic scene with a 3.75-inch figurine in an attractive little package. And if you’d prefer a figure decked out in the mad scientist’s yellow suit, they’ve got you covered.

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8. Control Panel Ceramic Mug; $10

Entertainment Earth

As any responsible time traveler would, Doc Brown fitted his DeLorean with separate “destination time,” “present time,” and “last time departed” meters. All three are present and accounted for on a fun new mug from SD Toys. Just look at this little number and you’ll swear it’s 1985 all over again. (If you’re a Chicago Bears fan, that should be especially pleasant.)

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9. DeLorean Key Chain; $14

Factory Entertainment/Amazon

It’s funny to think that a car manufactured by the defunct DeLorean motor company lives on as a beloved piece of our popular culture—all thanks to the Back to the Future series. Nowadays, the vehicle even comes in lightweight key chain form. It's the perfect gift for your family’s resident sci-fi buff.

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10. Back to The Future Trilogy (Blu-Ray Set); $25

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment/Amazon

While you’re here, why not pick up the three movies that started it all? Released in 2015, this box set contains each installment in the original trilogy along with some full-length episodes of the Back to the Future Animated Series and hours of bonus features.

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