Funko Unveils 18-Inch Pop! of Dancing Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Funko, Amazon
Funko, Amazon / Funko, Amazon
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If you consider yourself a serious Funko fan, you've likely seen the Dancing Baby Groot Pop! figurine. Featuring Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy in his adorable sapling form, it's gone on to become the best-selling product in the wildly popular Funko Pop! line. Now there's a new version to add to your collection. As reports, Funko is releasing a special 18-inch Baby Groot Funko Pop!—making it one of only four Funko figures to ever reach that scale.

The new Baby Groot figure stands nearly five times taller than a standard Funko Pop! toy. This edition shows the character smiling and dancing in his tiny planter, with "I am Groot," his famous catchphrase, emblazoned across the bottom of the collectible.

Most Funko Pops! are 3.75 inches tall, but the company has broken this convention for certain characters. Harry Potter got his supersized Funko earlier this year, and Batman has been supersized twice—both for the 1966 version and the classic comic version of the superhero.

The 18-inch Dancing Baby Groot Funko Pop! is currently available to pre-order for $99, with shipping set for September and October of this year.