Gym memberships look much different than they did about five months ago, and with home workouts becoming more appealing than ever, you’ll definitely want to check out this three-year subscription to the highly rated BetterMe app while its price is slashed by 95 percent.

This workout and diet app offers personalized plans to fit your specific needs, whether you're simply looking to drink more water or burn more calories every day. Plus, there’s a community feature with daily articles, tips, tricks, and answers to all your questions to keep you informed and connected when you aren’t referencing the personal coach feature. 

You’ve probably heard that good health isn’t achieved by one change, but rather a fully healthy lifestyle. That’s why BetterMe incorporates personalized diet and exercise guidance—including yoga workouts, a step counter, and a water tracker—all in one place. This helps create better daily habits with health in mind.

It only takes a glance at BetterMe’s 4.5-star rating on the App Store (out of five stars) to get a feel for the success stories that have come from over 140,000 reviewers. You can get a three-year subscription to BetterMe now for just $40.

BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription - $39.99

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