If you're looking for a creative way to memorialize a deceased friend or relative, consider turning a piece of them into something you can wear every day.

Glass artist Merry Coor specializes in making memorial ash beads that incorporate loved one's cremains into glass. After a couple asked her to capture their departed friend's ashes in a bead, Coor realized she could make extremely meaningful jewelry.

Now she sells glass pendants that incorporate a sprinkle of cremains inside them. She starts by making a round bead, then places the ashes in a spiral shape around the hot glass. Finally she encases the entire thing with clear glass. Moor says that, when placing their order, mourners can include the deceased's favorite music, so that it can be played while she works. She tries to make sure each bead is made with love and positive energy:

When I go into my studio to make a bead, I am centered and my thoughts are clear. I am in a good mood. I put only my best energy into each bead. If I am sick or having a bad day, I don’t make beads. I only want good energy, love, and good thoughts incorporated into each bead I make.

You can purchase one of these beautiful beads on her website or Etsy page.

[h/t: TheCreatorsProject.com]