Channel Your Inner Michael Scott By Giving Out This Replica Dundie Award From The Office

Alvin Ward
The Dundie Award.
The Dundie Award. / Toynk Toys
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The Office, the beloved and quote-worthy NBC sitcom that ran from 2005 to 2013, continues to entertain in repeats on Comedy Central, never-ending streaming marathons on Netflix, and a strong licensing presence. If you’ve already stocked up on Office coffee mugs, subscription boxes, and shirts, you can now turn your attention to what will be a highlight of your collection: a replica Dundie Award.


The novelty trophy stands 8 inches tall and reflects the attempts of manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) to raise morale at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company from the season 2 episode "The Dundies." The six interchangeable plates are all based on the awards given out on the show, including Pam's "Whitest Sneakers" award and Kevin's less-dignified "Don't Go in There After Me" award. More salacious plates are also included.

You can find the Dundie Award at Toynk Toys for $26.