10 Fun Face Masks You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Lumen Couture
Lumen Couture

Face masks are one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but not all of them are designed for comfort or convenience. Some can bother your ears or irritate the skin, while others can only be worn for a few hours before they need to be tossed. And most of the ones you find in convenience stores don't leave much room for individuality.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of masks you’ll actually want to wear. Unique, fashionable, fun, and, above all, ultra-comfy, these face coverings will help you change up your routine and be ready to leave the house for whatever the world has to offer (six feet apart from others, of course!).

1. Ministry of Supply's 3D Print-Knit Mask; $50

Ministry of Supply

It only takes Ministry of Supply around seven minutes to shape and weave each of its new face masks, but that's only part of what makes their story so impressive. The company's Maskº line is made possible thanks to its 3D Print-Knit process, which ensures that every one of the viscose and polyester masks adheres to the specs that were developed and backed by doctors and nurses for long-term use.

Each mask comes with 10 single use-filters that have been tested by an outside lab to provide more than 95 percent bacterial filtration efficiency (you can buy more once you use those up, too). And while the first Maskº wave is sold out, you can currently put your name on a list to order from the second wave in August. For the next batch, the company is tweaking the 3D printing process based on customer feedback to make the masks more comfortable and easier to use.

Buy it: Ministry of Supply

2. Moshoodat’s Flower Bomb Face Masks on Etsy; $25-$40


If you’re looking to turn your face mask into an artistic expression, look no further than AllThingsMoshoodat’s Etsy Shop. Moshoodat’s unique masks feature bursts of brightly colored flowers, which stand out in a sea of generic cotton masks. Although they look delicate, the pieces are hand-washable and reusable, so you can spread virtual sunshine wherever you go. And if flowers aren’t your thing, check out Moshoodat’s Afrocentric masks for a more understated look that’s no less stunning.

Buy it: AllThingsMoshoodat on Etsy

3. Sanctuary's Fashion PPE Masks; $28 for five


Though Sanctuary is best known as a forward-thinking fashion brand, their line of lightweight, breathable face masks doesn't leave function behind, either. Each cotton mask includes a 100-percent polypropylene meltblown fabric filter for extra protection as you walk through the park or grocery store. And if you're not into the camo prints pictured above, you can pick from the company's latest line of animal-print masks.

Buy it: Sanctuary

4. Athleta's Made to Move Masks; $25 for three


Athleta is all about embracing an active lifestyle, even during a pandemic. That's why the company's Made to Move face masks are woven from a lightweight blend of polyester and spandex to promote breathability, allowing you to enjoy some much-needed peace of mind during your outdoor jogs and yoga routines. The company's dedication to sustainability also means these masks can be thrown in a washing machine and reused throughout your summer workouts.

Buy it: Athleta

5. LED Matrix face mask from Lumen Couture; $95

Lumen Couture

For protective gear with a touch of high-tech glam, this LED face mask from Lumen Couture is the ultimate fashion statement. With customizable LED technology—you can select a premade look, write your own text, and create designs via an Android/IOS app—your mask is limited only by your imagination. The hidden electronic component is charged via USB and lasts for three to four hours. And the electronic portion of the mask is completely removable, so you can safely throw the otherwise cotton mask in the wash without it being lights-out for your fashion piece. The brainchild of Chelsea Klukas, a product design manager at Oculus, Lumen Couture has raised over $4500 for the WHO's COVID-19 relief fund since April.

Buy it: Lumen Couture

6. Baggu's reusable masks; $32 for three


Give your spirits an instant boost with these cheerful masks from Baggu. They're made from 100-percent quilter’s cotton, because, according to the manufacturer, the tight weave and thick threads effectively block respiratory droplets—but it’s soft and breathable, too. These masks include an adjustable nose wire and straps, and although they’re not medical-grade, they include a sewn-in pocket so you can insert a filter for extra protection. Baggu will donate a pack of surgical masks to healthcare workers for every pack sold, which only improves their happiness-inducing quality.

Buy it: Baggu

7. Clear Window Mask from The A/C Space; $20

A/C Space

With so many faces now hidden away behind masks, we've got to do without much of the non-verbal communication we've come to depend on. And for those with hearing impairments, the difficulty is compounded, since many rely on facial expressions and lip-reading to understand the people around them. The A/C Space is looking to help with a cotton mask that features a vinyl PVC window over the mouth, allowing for better facial communication. Plus, it never hurts to flash a smile at a stranger. These masks can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, but you'll want to line-dry them afterward.

Buy it: The A/C Space

8. and 9. Horror Movie-Inspired Masks From Redbubble; $13


Pay homage to your favorite horror movies—and muffle your screams during any late-night screenings—with these masks inspired by Silence of the Lambs (designed by user Modestquotes) and The Shining (designed by user SandiTyche). Each mask is made with two layers of gentle 100 percent polyester, so they’re as lightweight as Hannibal Lecter is without his steady supply of human flesh. With elastic straps to keep the mask fitting snugly around your face and ears, you’ll feel extra secure whenever you go outside…when you’re not looking over your shoulder for a deranged Jack Nicholson, that is.

Buy it: Redbubble (Silence of the Lambs and The Shining)

10. This Friends-inspired mask on Redbubble; $13


This Friends-inspired face mask from user foureyedesign on Redbubble will help you feel like less you’re in the midst of a global pandemic and more like you’re a featured guest on everyone’s favorite sitcom. Featuring "The One With the Quarantine” prominently displayed in Friends font on the front of the mask, it’s made with two layers of soft polyester that’s as comforting as one of Phoebe’s original songs. You may not be trapped in the same apartment building as your nearest and dearest pals, but wearing this mask will let you pretend you are.

Buy it: Redbubble

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10 Reusable Gifts for Your Eco-Friendliest Friend

Disposable tea bags can't compete with this pla-tea-pus and his friends.
Disposable tea bags can't compete with this pla-tea-pus and his friends.

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

By this point, your eco-friendly pal probably has a reusable water bottle that accompanies them everywhere and some sturdy grocery totes that keep their plastic-bag count below par. Here are 10 other sustainable gift ideas that’ll help them in their conservation efforts.

1. Reusable Produce Bags; $13

No more staticky plastic bags.Naturally Sensible/Amazon

The complimentary plastic produce bags in grocery stores aren’t great, but neither is having all your spherical fruits and vegetables roll pell-mell down the checkout conveyor belt. Enter the perfect alternative: mesh bags that are nylon, lightweight, and even machine-washable.

Buy it: Amazon

2. Animal Tea Infusers; $16

Nothing like afternoon tea with your tiny animal friends.DecorChic/Amazon

Saying goodbye to disposable tea bags calls for a quality tea diffuser, and there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be shaped like an adorable animal. This “ParTEA Pack” includes a hippo, platypus, otter, cat, and owl, which can all hang over the edge of a glass or mug. (In other words, you won’t have to fish them out with your fingers or dirty a spoon when your loose leaf is done steeping.)

Buy it: Amazon

3. Rocketbook Smart Notebook; $25

Typing your notes on a tablet or laptop might save trees, but it doesn’t quite capture the feeling of writing on paper with a regular pen. The Rocketbook, on the other hand, does. After you’re finished filling a page with sketches, musings, or whatever else, you scan it into the Rocketbook app with your smartphone, wipe it clean with the microfiber cloth, and start again. This one also comes with a compatible pen, but any PILOT FriXion pens will do.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Food Huggers; $13

"I'm a hugger!"Food Huggers/Amazon

It’s hard to compete with the convenience of plastic wrap or tin foil when it comes to covering the exposed end of a piece of produce or an open tin can—and keeping those leftovers in food storage containers can take up valuable space in the fridge. This set of five silicone Food Huggers stretch to fit over a wide range of circular goods, from a lidless jar to half a lemon.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Swiffer Mop Pads; $15

For floors that'll shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.Turbo Microfiber/Amazon

Swiffers may be much less unwieldy than regular mops, but the disposable pads present a problem to anyone who likes to keep their trash output to a minimum. These machine-washable pads fasten to the bottom of any Swiffer WetJet, and the thick microfiber will trap dirt and dust instead of pushing it into corners. Each pad lasts for at least 100 uses, so you’d be saving your eco-friendly friend quite a bit of money, too.

Buy it: Amazon

6. SodaStream for Sparkling Water; $69

A fondness for fizzy over flat water doesn’t have to mean buying it bottled. Not only does the SodaStream let you make seltzer at home, but it’s also small enough that it won’t take up too much precious counter space. SodaStream also sells flavor drops to give your home-brewed beverage even more flair—this pack from Amazon ($25) includes mango, orange, raspberry, lemon, and lime.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Washable Lint Roller; $13

Roller dirty.iLifeTech/Amazon

There’s a good chance that anyone with a pet (or just an intense dislike for lint) has lint-rolled their way through countless sticky sheets. iLifeTech’s reusable roller boasts “the power of glue,” which doesn’t wear off even after you’ve washed it. Each one also comes with a 3-inch travel-sized version, so you can stay fuzz-free on the go.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Countertop Compost Bin; $23

Like a tiny Tin Man for your table.Epica/Amazon

Even if you keep a compost pile in your own backyard, it doesn’t make sense to dash outside every time you need to dump a food scrap. A countertop compost bin can come in handy, especially if it kills odors and blends in with your decor. This 1.3-gallon pail does both. It’s made of stainless steel—which matches just about everything—and contains an activated-charcoal filter that prevents rancid peels and juices from stinking up your kitchen.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Fabric-Softening Dryer Balls; $17

Also great for learning how to juggle without breaking anything.Smart Sheep

Nobody likes starchy, scratchy clothes, but some people might like blowing through bottles of fabric softener and boxes of dryer sheets even less. Smart Sheep is here to offer a solution: wool dryer balls. Not only do they last for more than 1000 loads, they also dry your laundry faster. And since they don’t contain any chemicals, fragrances, or synthetic materials, they’re a doubly great option for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin.

Buy it: Amazon

10. Rechargeable Batteries; $40

Say goodbye to loose batteries in your junk drawer.eneloop/Amazon

While plenty of devices are rechargeable themselves, others still require batteries to buzz, whir, and change the TV channel—so it’s good to have some rechargeable batteries on hand. In addition to AA batteries, AAA batteries, and a charger, this case from Panasonic comes with tiny canisters that function as C and D batteries when you slip the smaller batteries into them.

Buy it: Amazon

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10 Cozy Pajama Sets for Christmas Morning


This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Christmas morning is always exciting, but it’s even more fun when you get to wake up wearing brand-new pajamas. We’ve combed the internet to find 10 pajama sets and slippers that will make this year’s Christmas one for the books (or the family Christmas card).

1. Fa La La Llama Pajama Pants; $24

Lazy Ones/Amazon

These punny pajamas pants are available in matching sizes for your whole family—even your dog! Get the matching pajama shirt here, or find other variations designed for men, children, and babies.

Buy it: Amazon

2. The Grinch Onesie; $23-$45

Dr. Seuss/Amazon

Not everyone is full of cheer or pep on Christmas morning. If you’re more of, well, a grinch during the holiday season, let your pajamas reflect your inner mood. This fuzzy onesie comes in sizes for women, men, children, and toddlers, making them a perfect gift for the whole family.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Christmas Elf Slippers with Bell; $23


“These slippers require a certain person to wear them,” says one reviewer. To pull these off, you need to have an unconditional love for Christmas, the reviewer says, and you can’t be afraid of occasional laughs. But you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd (and have super cozy feet!).

Buy it: Amazon

4. 2020 Pajama Set; $10-$25

Fudule Christmas/Amazon

Nothing says 2020 quite like an illustration of Santa in a mask, carrying a gift bag full of hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. Commemorate this extremely unusual year with a pajama set that’s available in sizes for women, men, children, and babies. In true 2020 form, each pajama set also comes with a matching fabric mask.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Custom Photo Pajamas; $38


Design your own personalized pajamas for a gift that your family is certain to remember for years to come. Using Amazon’s customization feature, you can upload any picture of your choosing—whether it’s an adorable photo of a family pet or a wacky snapshot of yourself. But if personalized pajamas aren’t your style, we’ve also compiled a list of 10 other customizable gifts that might be more up your alley.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Snowman Onesie; $35

Silver Lilly/Amazon

With its stretchy wrist and ankle cuffs and attached red scarf, this super-soft onesie will keep you from getting frosty on cold winter nights. It’s available in four unisex sizes, but reviewers recommend sizing up if you’re in between two options.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Matching Family Santa Pajama Set; $21-$54

Pajama Graham/Amazon

Turn every member of your family (including your pets!) into a doppelgänger of jolly old Saint Nicholas himself. These pajamas are made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex jersey, meaning they'll be super soft to wear all day long. Add a Santa hat and a faux beard to complete the look.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Ugly Christmas Santa Slippers; $20

Ugly Christmas Slippers/Amazon

These goofy slippers pair well with any set of Christmas pajamas. Plus, the soft faux fur and cushioned padding make them super cozy for trips around the house.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Let it Snow Color-In Pajamas; $40

Uncommon Goods

Creative kids will love being able to color their own pajamas. This polyester shirt and pant set comes with seven markers and a practice coloring sheet so kids can work out their designs before moving over to the fabric. To set the colors, an adult will need to iron the set right after coloring and air cure flat for 24 hours.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

10. Sloth Onesie; $36-$45

Alexander Del Rossa/Amazon

This cozy fleece onesie is perfect for the person who tends to feel a little sleepy and slothful on Christmas morning. With a drawstring hoodie and two cozy pockets, this onesie will keep you so warm and snug that you won’t want to move at all. Are you in search of other gifts for the sloth fan in your life? Check out our list here.

Buy it: Amazon

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