Whether you're looking to try your hand at bartending professionally or just want to improve your homemade cocktails, you'll first need to learn which flavors go together, how much of each spirit to use, and why. Spend some time learning the world of liquor, cocktails, and bartending with this nine-course mixology bundle, which is 93 percent off today and can be mastered in just 10 hours.

You may know you like a particular brand of bourbon without quite realizing why, but a skilled bartender understands that the sweeter mash bill of one bourbon is what separates it from a more sour recipe used at a different distillery. You’ll learn all the nuances of whiskey in the Whiskey - Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Canadian and More course. Similarly, you’ll dive deep into the worlds of brandy, gin, vodka, Japanese sake, tequila, mezcal, and rum, with specialized courses in each.

Once you understand the factors that go into each liquor's flavor, you’ll learn how to use them to craft the perfect drink in the Cordials and Liqueurs: Essentials in Cocktails and Bartending course. These secondary flavor agents are important elements in most of the cocktails commonly ordered, but when used incorrectly, they can absolutely ruin a drink.

Understanding how to use several ingredients at once is part of the mixology craft, but sometimes you'll be judged on how well you deliver just one ingredient. In the Wine Service: Professional Skills in Hospitality course, you’ll learn how to taste, detect flaws, read labels, decant, and serve wine like a professional sommelier.

Whether you’re looking to make killer cocktails for your friends or start working as a bartender, this nine-course bundle for $30 should be your starting point. Learn from a certified sommelier and master mixologist with this 93-percent discount while it lasts.

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