A washer and dryer set is among the most useful appliances in any household. (A waffle maker runs a close second.) But not everyone has the room or the ability to have a pair installed. If you live in a small apartment, dorm, or RV, you can still get your wardrobe clean with the ZENY Portable Mini Laundry Washing Machine, which is $70 on Amazon.

The ZENY can easily be carried anywhere.Amazon

The compact unit stands just 22.8 inches tall and is lightweight for easy portability. A drain hose connects to standard kitchen faucets for getting water in and out of the tub. The washer holds up to nine pounds of clothing, ideal for light loads with shirts, socks, and other items. (Jeans are not recommended.) It also runs relatively quietly with no vibration, according to the company, so you won't have to worry about all the banging and noise of traditional machines.

The ZENY can be found at Amazon and Walmart for $70.

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