These Wallets Look and Feel Just Like Classic Works of Literature

Novel Bookwallets
Novel Bookwallets / Novel Bookwallets
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You may not be able to drag your physical library outside the house, but there are other ways to show off your literary side wherever you go. These wallets look just like real hardcover books, and they're small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket.

The Novel Bookwallets, now available through Kickstarter, are designed to look like miniature versions of famous books. The outside depicts the classic book design on a clothbound cover, giving it a vintage feel. It opens up like a real book, but instead of pages, you'll find wallet compartments made from cream-colored vegan leather inside. There are pockets for cards, cash, and anything else that fits inside a conventional wallet.

Novel Bookwallets

Bookwallet buyers can choose from one of 14 classic covers, including Robin Hood and His Merry Men, Alice in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn, and Pride and Prejudice. The initial goal of the Kickstarter campaign was $2500, and with each stretch goal that's reached, the makers will offer new covers based on the most popular requests. The Dracula and Alice Wonderland covers came after they reached their $17,000 stretch goal, and if the team raises $35,000 before the campaign ends on August 6, 10 more covers in total will be unlocked.

Novel Bookwallets

You can reserve your Bookwallet on Kickstarter today, with the lowest pledge tier of $25 getting you one wallet and the highest tier of $180 getting you 12. Once the campaign ends, you will be emailed by the company to choose the design you want, with deliveries slated to begin in October.