If You’re Looking for an Electric Bike, This Model From Ecotric Offers Plenty of Features for a Reasonable Price

Ecotric / Ecotric
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For people concerned about their health, finances, and the environment, e-bikes are a practical and inexpensive way to get from place to place without breaking too much of a sweat or busting your budget (relative to the cost of cars). Most models are basically like regular bikes, but your pedaling actually activates a battery-powered motor, making trips up hills and through rough terrain far easier and more efficient. And when it comes to electric bicycles, the Ecotric FAT20S900-MB 48V folding e-bike is a great entry point for the cost-conscious.

The Ecotric FAT20S900-MB 48V can be ridden in both throttle mode—where the motor takes care of all the movement on its own—and pedal-assist mode, which means the rider has to pedal to get the motor to run (though it's far easier to pedal than a traditional bike). The bike itself comes equipped with 20-inch-by-4-inch tires and a powerful 48V motor that can handle muddy trails, snow, sand, dirt, clay, and grass, with a top speed of around 20 miles per hour.

For the body, the FAT20S900-MB 48V is constructed from a sturdy aluminum alloy and weighs in at around 55 pounds, so you don't have to worry about fragility. That being said, it's not bulky, either—the bike can easily fold up for storage in your trunk or even under your desk, where it can be charged for five to seven hours in between trips.


Since the bike has a lot of features, the FAT20S900-MB 48V is also outfitted with an easy-to-read LCD screen that delivers data on remaining battery life and speed, with an additional USB port that lets you charge your phone while you ride.

Of course, the best way to see all the Ecotric FAT20S900-MB 48V has to offer is to actually ride one, and if you're still unsure, you can take advantage of the company's 30-day at-home trial window. If you don't like it, you can return it without having to pay to ship it back (there is a restocking fee, though.)

You can find the FAT20S900-MB 48V e-bike starting at $970 on Ecotric’s online store right here.