The Favorite Junk Food of Each State, Mapped

Different states have different snack preferences.
Different states have different snack preferences. / FabrikaCr/iStock via Getty Images

Every region has its culinary preferences. Philadelphia is renowned for its cheesesteaks. Chicago is famous for its deep-dish pizza. New England has its clam chowder.

It turns out Americans have local favorites when it comes to packaged junk food, too. Career advice website Zippia recently examined Google Trends data to find out which snack foods were popular in which states.


As you can see, Oreo cookies cross state lines. Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia prefer the cream-filled cookie sandwich. A few states (Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin) reach for candy bars over bagged snacks. Alaska opts for the slightly more health-conscious granola bars, while Mississippi prefers Twinkies. Sweet snacks beat salty snacks overall, with 29 states looking for a sugar rush.   

[h/t Zippia]