Get One of Amazon’s Bestselling Contactless Thermometers for Just $20

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A fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19, which makes a thermometer an essential tool for detecting the illness early. But if you're sharing an oral thermometer with members of your household, you may fear the risk of spreading infected saliva outweighs the benefits. Investing in a contactless thermometer solves this problem, and this model from iHealth ($20) has the internet's approval.

More than 130,000 Amazon shoppers have tried the iHealth no-touch forehead thermometer, earning it a collective 4.5-star rating on the site. To use it, simply hold the device a few inches above the forehead of the person whose temperature you want to take, press the button, and wait for the infrared technology to gauge their body temperature. The thermometer vibrates and shows the reading on an LED display when the process is complete.


This thermometer is easy to use and the No.2 bestselling health thermometer on the entire site. One customer, who gave it a five-star rating, wrote: "[I've been] a Family Practitioner PA for the past 38 years and cannot tolerate an incorrect temperature reading. This is right on compared to both a glass and digital thermometer. Takes only a second to work and it even works with a moving target." Another reviewer, having run the gamut in terms of different types of thermometers they'd used in the past, was equally impressed. "I have had under your tongue thermometer, the place in your ear kind and the slide across your forehead to your temple kind. They were never very accurate but at least I knew if one of my kids had a fever. This infrared thermometer is the easiest and most accurate that you can possibly use. I should have bought one of these long ago," they added.

Get the iHealth no-touch forehead thermometer now for $20 on Amazon and get free shipping with all Prime memberships.

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This article originally ran in 2020; it has been updated for 2022.