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Need a New Purse? This Vegan Leather Bucket Bag Comes in 14 Colors

Ellen Gutoskey
"I can't believe it's not leather!"
"I can't believe it's not leather!" / BROMEN/Amazon
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If you’re the type of person who tosses half your worldly possessions into your purse every time you leave the house, you need something that has all the volume and sturdiness of a 5-gallon bucket without inviting the question “Why are you carrying a 5-gallon bucket?”

At nearly 12 inches tall with a 5.51-inch-by-9.45-inch base, this BROMEN bucket-style handbag ($40) can’t exactly hold a full 5 gallons, but it can definitely accommodate your mask, hand sanitizer, book, a bottle of wine, a small dog, or whatever else you’re stepping out with. It’s also made of vegan leather, so you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in its creation.

A bucket bag to match your animal-friendly lifestyle.
A bucket bag to match your animal-friendly lifestyle. / BROMEN/Amazon

Your bank account will probably approve of the purchase, too—the bag is only $40 on Amazon, where you can choose from 14 color options that include a glossy dark green, the rich brown of coffee beans, sunflower yellow, pale pink, classic black, and more.

The bag comes with two detachable straps. There’s an adjustable thin one that matches the color of the bag and is long enough to work as a cross-body strap, and there’s a thicker, shorter one woven with a vibrant geometric design. The easily accessible outside pocket will save you from having to plunge shoulder-deep into your bag every time you need your phone or keys, and the zippered pocket on the inside will keep your wallet and other valuables safe.

The bottom is broad enough for the bag to stand upright without support.
The bottom is broad enough for the bag to stand upright without support. / BROMEN/Amazon

As for whether or not it can rival a real leather purse, we’ll let the reviews answer that. “Everyone thinks this is a Coach bag; it's that well-built,” one customer said.

Find it on Amazon here.