If you love talking about past and future vacations almost as much as you love actually going on them, this card game from TableTopics is for you.

There aren’t any rules—it’s just you, your friends, and 135 cards printed with conversation starters that all relate to travel. The questions are open-ended enough to invite general answers, but they’ll also probably prompt you to share your most amusing stories from previous sojourns. “What do you always forget when you’re packing for a trip?” may, for example, remind you of the time you forgot to bring your tent on a week-long hike along the Appalachian Trail. And “Do you prefer taking tours or seeing sites on your own?” is practically begging your sister to talk about the time she got lost on a self-guided tour through the Tuscan countryside and was rescued by a kindly old sheep herder. You can get the game on Amazon for $25.

The Bermuda Triangle?TableTopics

And if wanderlust doesn’t dominate your thoughts, there are plenty of other TableTopics editions that you might want to bring to your next family dinner (or Zoom chat). The “Geek Pop!” version ($22) could incite a lively debate about which of Doctor Who’s Doctors has the most memorable catchphrase, and “Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party” ($25) will keep your guests entertained with questions like “Have you ever been escorted out by security?”

Time to find out if your friends abide by the 5-second rule.TableTopics

The “Family” edition ($25) is a great way to get reticent kids to come out of their shells a little. “Would you rather know how to fly a plane, drive a race car, or rock-climb?” pretty much guarantees an answer that isn’t “Yes,” “No,” or “Good.”

You can browse all the TableTopics card sets on Amazon here.