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The Weird Week in Review

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Caitlin Cahill
Caitlin Cahill / Caitlin Cahill

Coyote Spotted on Roof of Queens Bar

New Yorkers were astonished by the sight of a coyote on the roof of the L.I.C. Bar in Long Island City, Queens, on Monday. Nearby tenants alerted bar owner Brian Porter.

He said he suspects the coyote was living in a vacant building next door and hopped through an open window onto the roof. The predator drew a crowd of onlookers, including a worker from a nearby veterinary clinic, who scaled a wall to get a closer look. She scurried back down when she realized it was a coyote and not a stray dog.

Police tried to capture the coyote, but were unable to. The coyote disappeared through a window and is still at large. Coincidentally, the bar had booked a band named Coyote Anderson to play that night.

Easter Egg Cookies Recalled For Containing … Eggs

Last Friday, Silver Lake food company issued a voluntary recall because their Easter Egg Cookies contained eggs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; in fact, many people who would buy a product called Easter Egg Cookies might expect eggs to be one of the ingredients. However, eggs were inadvertently left off of the ingredient list on the product package. That means that someone who was allergic to eggs might check the ingredient list and assume the cookies were alright for them. No adverse reactions have been reported.

10-foot Rooster Stolen

Lexington Vintage is an art studio and store in Athens, Georgia. Owner Bonnie Harris commissioned a sculpture of a rooster to draw attention to the shop. “Rocket the Rusty Rooster” is a ten-foot-tall, brightly colored, 300 pound rooster. It disappeared from in front of the shop sometime last Friday night or early Saturday morning, just hours before it was scheduled to be welded in place on a metal platform. The rooster is valued at $3000, but Harris is concerned that whoever took it might sell it for a few dollars in scrap. The perpetrator of the fowl play will face felony charges.

Thou Shalt Not Steal

A man made an appointment at RedINC tattoo parlor in Luton, UK, to get an intricate tattoo of Jesus on his arm. He got the tat discounted from £420 to £250, and he paid when he made the appointment. However, he later asked for £200, because he needed to pay for a car. He showed up for the appointment on March 23rd, and after consultation, sat for six hours while the tattoo was done. When it was done, he told the artist that he’d already paid for the tat. The artist called a colleague, and the man took the opportunity to flee the shop. So he skipped out on £200 that he owed. But that’s not all.

After getting laser removal for artwork he said had been done in Amsterdam, the man sat down for the new work to be inked up. Around five hours later he was left alone in the parlour with the tattooist, who briefly stopped the work to lock a back door. It’s then CCTV shows he went briefly behind the counter, Workers later found up to £1,000 had gone missing.

Incidentally, the man had a tattoo of praying hands on his other arm, with the caption “Only God can judge me.”

Cat Survives 17 Days in Shipping Container

A cat that has since been named Sinbad was overly curious about slipping inside a shipping container carrying linen in Egypt. The container was sealed and tagged, and not opened until 17 days later in the UK. The staff at Mediterranean Linens in Moreton-on-Lugg, Hereford, heard a strange sound from one of the containers and opened it to find the eight-month-old orange cat. He hadn’t had food or water for more than two weeks and was ravenous. Sinbad is now in quarantine in the UK for the next four months. The RSPCA has issued an appeal for funds to cover the costs incurred for Sinbad’s care.

Pizzeria Sold Few Pizzas, Lots of Pot

Papa Dimitri's Classic Pizza and Ice Cream in St. Paul, Minnesota, was exposed as a front for marijuana sales, which were delivered in pizza boxes. Police began investigating the shop last summer, after receiving reports that it was rarely open and sold very few pizzas. Someone had noticed that the employees went out to eat lunch. Employees also complained about the lack of heat in the building, despite the presence of pizza ovens. Matters came to a head when the postal service reported three intercepted packages containing a total of 37 pounds of marijuana. The owner, Ryan Dimitri Brooks, was arrested last Friday, along with his mother, his 82-year-old grandmother, and a woman he lives with.