Keep Your Subs Fresh and Dry With the SubSafe Waterproof Container

Subs stay dry with the SubSafe.
Subs stay dry with the SubSafe. / SubSafe
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If you’re planning an outdoor excursion like boating or a hike and want to be prepared with a few sub sandwiches—otherwise known as heroes or hoagies—you’re going to be faced with a dilemma. Leaving them in a cooler can cause the bread to turn soggy, making for an unappealing lunch. And if you decide to keep your sandwich in an unprotected travel bag, it'll likely be crushed before your day even begins.

There is a solution—one seen on ABC’s entrepreneurial reality series Shark Tank. It’s the SubSafe ($25), a cylindrical plastic container that perfectly accommodates a 12-inch sub and creates a waterproof and crushproof seal to keep everything fresh and dry.

The SubSafe comes in multiple colors.
The SubSafe comes in multiple colors. / SubSafe

The SubSafe is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with a bonus lid that fits 6-inch subs. No longer will your sub turn into a waterlogged or crushed mess of sad ham and cheese. It’s not just for food, either. The SubSafe can also protect small items like wallets, phones, and valuables. If you need a drinking cup, it can double as one of those, too.

You can grab the SubSafe on Amazon in four different colors—charcoal gray, hot pink, seafoam green, and white—for $25 each. In addition to securing your sandwich, you’ll be doing a bit of good, too. SubSafe donates 50 cents from every purchase to Provision Packs, which provides meals to underprivileged children.