Show Someone You Care by Mailing Them a Potato With Your Face On It

Potato Parcel/Amazon
Potato Parcel/Amazon / Potato Parcel/Amazon
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If you have trouble finding the right gifts for the special people in your life, it may be time explore so-bad-it's-good territory. The Potato Pal—a literal potato with a photo of someone's face printed on it—definitely fits that label.

The Potato Pal comes from Potato Parcel—a Shark Tank-backed company that sends people loose potatoes printed with messages in the mail. The business was inspired by the fact that the USPS will deliver certain produce items without packaging as long they have the correct number of stamps. The Potato Pal features a photo sticker instead of a message, and it comes in a surprise gift box, so recipients won't know what they're getting until they open it.

When purchasing the novelty gift on Amazon, you have the option to customize it with personal photos. You can brand the tuber with a picture of the recipient's face, your own face, or any other picture you think would look good on a potato. A personalized potato speaks for itself, but you can opt to include a birthday card, balloon, party necklace, and noisemaker for an extra $6.

Potato Parcel/Amazon

The regular Potato Pal package is available for $19 on Amazon, and the birthday bundle sells for $25. For even more gag gifts to delight (or irritate) your loved ones, check out our list.