Opting for reusable straws and grocery bags is a great way to live a more eco-friendly life, but one area where it's tough to compromise is laundry—it uses tons of water and energy, and there aren't too many ways around it. That's where the Ecoegg comes in. This reusable laundry pod can save you from buying those bulky plastic detergent containers for up to three years and even helps conserve some energy along the way.

The Ecoegg is a unique laundry tool that cleans clothes with natural mineral pellets stored in a recyclable Laundry Egg. The mineral pellets work to naturally lift dirt without fading colors—and they're hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Each Ecoegg set comes with a Dryer Egg that can reduce tumble drying by up to 28 percent, and you'll also get a Detox Tablet, which helps remove the powder, liquid, and odor build-up in your washing machine from years of use.

In recent years, Ecoegg has won the Good Housekeeping Institute’s 2020 Getting Greener award for Reducing Plastic and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2016. Each pack comes with enough mineral pellets to last up to 720 loads, making it a smart buy for the environment and your bank account. Right now, the Laundry Egg, Dryer Egg, and Detox Tab set are on sale for 31 percent off, totaling $47.


Ecoegg™ Bundle: Laundry Egg + Dryer Egg + Mega Detox Tab - $46.99

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