Crank Up the Volume With the MTV Throwback Music Party Game

Big Potato/Amazon
Big Potato/Amazon / Big Potato/Amazon
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If you've been looking for an outlet for all of that Dire Straits and New Kids on the Block trivia you have swimming around in your head, you can't go wrong with Big Potato's nostalgia-fueled MTV, The Throwback Music Party Game, which you can find on Amazon for $20.

The game will bring you back to summers gone by and the tunes you used to listen to, whether you're proud of them or not. Teams will be pitted against each other in different rounds to test their music knowledge. The Artist round forces one team member to sing a song from a particular group or pop star, speak the lyrics of a song, or say one word to associate with the artist, leaving their cohorts to guess the answer.

The Head-to-Head round gives players 15 seconds to come up with songs that relate to the card prompt they draw; the first one to run out of songs loses. For example, "In the Air Tonight" could be the answer to a card prompt that asks for songs containing the word tonight.

Big Potato/Amazon

The game includes 136 Artist cards and 44 Head-to-Head cards, along with an electric timer and a very retro cassette-inspired board. (Now all you have to worry about is teaching your younger family members what a cassette player is.) MTV, The Throwback Music Party Game is available on Amazon here, and if you're looking to test your movie IQ, the company also makes a Blockbuster Video party game.