Get Ready for the Holiday Season Early With This Nightmare Before Christmas Pop-Up Advent Calendar

Elaine Selna
Insight Editions/Amazon
Insight Editions/Amazon / Insight Editions/Amazon

If you're looking for that perfect cross-section between your love of Halloween and your excitement for the holiday season, Insight Editions has created a pop-up Advent calendar ($24) based on 1993's The Nightmare Before Christmas that should more than satisfy all your needs.

This Advent calendar brings Jack Skellington's nightmarish world to life, complete with ornaments of Oogie Boogie, a skeletal reindeer, and all sorts of other ghoulish characters found in the classic stop-motion movie. There's also a 28-page guide book to Jack’s beloved Halloween Town and all of its twisted residents, like Sally, Zero, and plenty of others that fans will remember. At the center of the calendar sits a spooky pop-up tree designed in the movie's inimitable style, which can be decorated with the ornaments you’ll discover each day leading up to Christmas.

Amazon/Insight Editions

The pop-up Advent calendar is now available to pre-order for $24 on Amazon and will be released on September 29.