No matter if you're into Pilates, yoga, HIIT, or Olympic weightlifting, every fitness routine has one thing in common: they all strain your body and muscles, requiring proper recovery. This BioGrit massage gun can bring some relief to your sore muscles by customizing the speed and intensity level to suit your needs. And right now, you can take 68 percent off the final price, bringing the total down to just $140.

While every athlete, amateur or pro, benefits from the recovery of a post-workout massage, all muscles aren’t equal. The BioGrit comes with 10 adjustable speeds and eight replacement massage heads for targeted relief, speed, and intensity to fight soreness, fatigue, and even spasms. You’ll be able to work through those tough spots on your own, whenever you need it, without the help of a trainer or therapist.

One of the major benefits of the wireless BioGrit massage gun model is its eight-hour charge. You can get multiple sessions out of it before it needs a recharge, and it operates silently so the people around you won’t be disrupted.

Score the BioGrit massage gun, along with its eight replaceable massage heads, while it's on sale.

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BioGrit Massage Gun + 8 Replaceable Massage Heads - $139.99

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